Migrants Face Yet Another Border Crisis Obstacle

Asylum-seeking migrants near the United States border constantly lived in fear of the ever looming threat of Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy – a policy that forced migrants to await their asylum hearings in Mexico, within reach of the very cartels many were trying to escape, instead of safely inside the United States. During the life of Trump’s Remain in Mexico, New York-based Human Rights First recorded more than 1,500 kidnappings, murders, and other attacks of the migrants. 

Recently, thanks to multiple lawsuits filed by the Biden administration in federal court, Remain in Mexico was struck down. Asylum-seeking migrants were finally unshackled by the burden of Remain in Mexico and there was cause for celebration. But any such celebration was short-lived. Migrants were quickly reminded they were still extremely vulnerable to yet another policy, one known as Title 42, a pandemic-era rule that allows border agents to remove migrants without hearing their claim in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The effect of Title 42 is arguably more disastrous than Remain in Mexico because it bars migrants access to the United States, making it virtually impossible to present their claims to a judge, and leaves them exceptionally vulnerable to kidnappings, robbery, and violence.

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