Special Extensions Available For EAD Renewals

If you have recently filed an Application to renew your Employment Authorization (Form I-765), you may qualify for an automatic extension of your existing, expiring employment authorization.

To qualify, you must meet a couple of criteria:

  • You have a properly filed I-765 form for renewal prior to the expiration of your current EAD, and
  • You are otherwise eligible for a renewal (detail below on the USCIS website)

Normally, DHS would allow for an automatic extension of up to 180 days from the expiration listed on the EAD. However, effective May 4, 2022, DHS is temporarily increasing that period to up to 360 additional days of extension, for a total of up to 540 days if you are eligible.

For additional guidelines, you can read more in the full article on the USCIS website here.

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